A Historic Address on LGBT Rights

This letter was sent to Horizons Foundation’s supporters after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton addressed the United Nations Human Rights Council on December 6, 2011, about LGBT rights.

I just saw something wonderful and astonishing. It came streaming live from the Geneva, Switzerland headquarters of the United Nations Human Rights Council. There, to mark International Human Rights Day, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a speech an hour or so ago – calling for recognition and protection of the rights of LGBT people. Everywhere. “Gay rights and human rights,” she declared, “are one and the same.”

What happened this morning was once unimaginable. Continue reading


Welcome to “On the Horizon”

Horizons Foundation is delighted to launch our new blog, On the Horizon.

Roger Doughty, Executive Director of Horizons FoundationHere, you’ll find new posts from time to time on the LGBT movement, issues facing nonprofit organizations, philanthropy and giving, and other topics. Most will be from Roger Doughty, Horizons’ Executive Director, and we also plan include guest bloggers on occasion as well.

We hope you enjoy! (And thanks for your patience while we get up and running.)