The View from Horizons

We all know that the world is fairly bursting with blogs, and has been for a while. So why is Horizons Foundation starting one now?

Several reasons. First, it offers a simple way to communicate with Horizons’ donors, grantees, funders, and allies – all of our most important constituencies. A blog also offers a way to share some thoughts with you that won’t overwhelm your inbox (whether online or snail-mail).

Another reason for the blog is that Horizons sits in a unique position. Because our very charter calls for working with and supporting the full range of our resplendently diverse community – diverse by geography, race, gender, issue, class to name a few types – we try to take a broad view of the issues we face. That sometimes allows us to  Continue reading


A family funeral

Not long ago, I attended a memorial for an aunt, my mother’s last remaining sibling. It took place where she’d lived for nearly 60 years, in Williamstown, a village up in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, nestled up against the New York and Vermont state lines.

An undaunted and undauntable woman, my aunt had been widowed at a young age and raised four children – my cousins – on her own. She’d championed women’s rights for decades, and was nearly elected to the state legislature, which I guarantee you would never have been the same had she made it.

What struck me during the service in the picture-postcard 18th century, colonial-style church, was this: of her four children, two are straight, one gay, and the other lesbian. All four and their respective spouses, of course, had come. Continue reading