An extraordinary ally

Just a couple of days ago, I learned that former President Clinton will be presenting his “Clinton Global Citizen Awards” this evening, September 24. The award ceremony follows a day-long conference on global issues attended by a glittering international array of presidents, corporate CEOs, leaders of large foundations, and high-profile international non-governmental organizations.

Because my invitation appears to have – once again – been lost in the mail, I won’t be there in New York tonight. But I’d like to be. And not just to listen and learn from a stellar gathering of leaders (though that would be a treat).

No, I’d like to be there because among those whom President Clinton will recognize tonight is Bishop Christopher Sengonjo, a retired Anglican bishop – and an extraordinarily brave ally to LGBT people in his native Uganda. Continue reading


Signs of the Times

ImageLater today, Horizons Foundation’s board of directors will be presented with a slate of recommendations – made largely by a panel of community members – for what we call “Community Issues” grants. It’s a high point of the year, and an annual tradition stretching back to Horizons’ origins 32 years ago. Continue reading